The aim of the project is to develop a digital transformation model (DTM) for the Slovenian public administration. The model is to be based on internationally recognized frameworks (the technology enactment framework (Fountain, 2001), the four-stage maturity model (Layne and Lee, 2001), the four-stage strategy and maturity model (Davison et al., 2005), the eGov-MM Model (Iribarren et al. 2008), the Manchester eGovernment Maturity Model (Heeks, 2015), the Digital Government Evaluation Model (Janowski, 2015), and others) which will be significantly modernized. The limits of Slovenia’s present model of public governance and service delivery will be directly addressed, particularly the administrative silos with limited cross-agency information-sharing and service design, leading to a suboptimal PA experience, multiple transactions with multiple agencies for many needs, and with limited information and knowledge transferred between agencies and other stakeholders. Accordingly, the DTM incorporates the following innovative improvements that foster digital transformation:

  1. the emerging and already used contemporary information technologies (social networks, the IoT, blockchain, mobility, analytics/big data, machine learning cloud computing etc.),
  2. looking beyond the existing frameworks’ bureaucratic and technocratic focus, tailoring the administrative and service design to the principles of modern public governance ((neo)-Weberianism, NPM, good governance, digital-era and post-digital-era governance etc.),
  3. utilizing the potential of citizen co-creation, providing user-centric innovations while significantly adding to the feasibility of the model itself (due to the comprehensive amount of input gained from its users etc.),
  4. tailoring the DTM to Slovenian national particularities from the governance perspective (post-socialism, Rechtsstaat culture, EU membership, a small state etc.),
  5. ensuring the DTM’s adaptability to administrative operation and service delivery mechanisms at different governance levels (the level of the state agency, ministries and individual organizational units within the latter, the level of the municipality, territorial-administrative unit etc.).
basic information
Project acronym:


Project title:

Transformation of governance and public sevice delivery mechanisms in the digital age

Contracting authority:

Slovenian Research Agency




1.7.2019 - 30.6.2022

Range on year:

1596 hours


Prof. Aleksander Aristovnik, PhD

Research activity:

Social sciences

Member of the University of Ljubljana:

UL Faculty of Administration

Participating research organizations:

Logon d.o.o.


The project is funded by 1596 hours per year (price class A) for a period of 3 years.

Project group:
    UL Faculty of Public Administration
  • Prof. Aleksander Aristovnik, PhD (head)
  • Prof. Ljupčo Todorovski, PhD
  • Prof. Maja Klun, PhD
  • Prof. Polona Kovač, PhD
  • Prof. Janez Stare, PhD
  • Assoc. Prof. Mirko Pečarič, PhD
  • Assist. Prof. Marko Ropret, PhD
  • Assist. Prof. Lan Umek, PhD
  • Assist. Prof. Nina Tomaževič, PhD
  • Assist. Dejan Ravšelj, PhD
  • Luka Vavtar, MPA, professional associate

Logon d.o.o.
  • mag. Boris Glogovac
  • Gregor Krnec